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Language Testing

Whether reading, writing, speaking or listening, the range of item types in Surpass allow you to create real-world situations to test understanding as well as translation knowledge.

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Surpass for Language Testing

Create realistic situations with rich media including video playback

We’ve evolved past writing a letter to a foreign pen friend. With the shrinking world, people are communicating across continents every day via a huge variety of mediums.

Surpass is designed to allow you freedom when creating imaginative layouts for your questions, whilst maintaining security by adding native functionality in the test driver. Make use of HTML design tools, advanced PDF readers and much more to create real world situations involving video, images, maps and more.

Media gallery previewing video in Surpass.

Capture clear audio responses, even in group testing environments

Using the advanced audio capture functionality within Surpass you can easily capture individual responses to specific questions, even in environments where multiple candidates are taking the same test.

Item authoring screen in Surpass.

Mix item types to truly test understanding

With an intuitive user interface, Surpass makes it easy to create questions that combine any or all of the four key areas required for language testing. Ask your test takers to listen to a description, and then use a hot-spot image to identify a related area, and finish by asking them to describe another key feature of the image.

Question being delivered in Surpass with audio player and hotspot image.

New features are being added to Surpass all the time.
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telc Language Assessments.

“It really has given us a wonderful opportunity to be more creative, to look at new ways of testing, and to look at new ways of achieving our goals, and making it more interesting for students and making it much more engaging, which in fact we’ve done.”

Sean McDonald telc Language Assessments

Why Surpass?

Improving Assessment for everybody

The accessibility team work with our designers to ensure that the HTML test driver can deliver tests to WCAG 2.0 level AA standards, and Section 508 conformance.

Over 20 Million Tests Delivered

Surpass is proven to be secure, scalable and adaptable to your needs with resilience to internet failure and a range of delivery options including LOFT and adaptive testing.

Innovation and Collaboration

Every year $10 million is invested in Surpass, to help the Surpass Community innovate and bring to life the tests they want to create, not just the ones they already have.

What is Surpass:

Surpass has been developed by a fast-growing community of assessment experts like you. Every feature is designed to help you make the highest quality tests available to every test taker and enable you to get the most value out of each item you develop. With Surpass powering your assessment, you can be confident that your organization’s reputation is protected, as you grow and succeed to make a positive difference to education and society.

Surpass being delivered on computer, tablet and paper.

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Other Supporting Services

Test Delivery:

Surpass can be used in many different test delivery scenarios on a global basis. This includes professional on-demand, session-based, and diet-based test delivery. Surpass also supports Bring-Your-Own-Device testing, and live or record and review Remote Proctoring.

If you don’t have your own test delivery network, and require support locating suitable testing locations, or if you are interested in Remote Proctoring, then please get in touch.

Detailed Documentation and Support:

Surpass isn’t just a piece of software for building your exams, it’s a support system for ensuring that your timescales are met with the best possible quality results. When you come on board, our technical support team is on hand to assist with setting up, and the expert training team is on hand to provide face-to-face training whenever and wherever you need it.

Every release of Surpass is supported by professional technical documentation, and our teams all work together to provide you with webinars, release notes and informative videos, making sure you’re up to date with all the latest enhancements.

Technical Support available for authors and implementation.

User support available for candidates:

  • Optional training available for your own support team.
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Managers.
  • Surpass Community – Collaboration is key:

    The success of Surpass is built on the foundations of an active community. As a member of the Surpass Community, you will have access to the annual conference, have input into the platform roadmap, and much more.

    We regularly hear from our members about how being part of the Surpass Community provides a unique opportunity to collaborate, share and learn from like-minded professionals from a wide range of industry sectors. We work better together.

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    If you like what you've heard so far, and would like to learn more about Surpass and how it can enhance your test development and delivery, then please get in touch and we'd be happy to tell you more. You can also request a short demo from our expert team, so you can experience Surpass and its intuitive and innovative functionality for yourself.

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