Along with robust security and stability, Surpass features a rich set of functions that allow you to add more ‘real-world’ media to your questions, and for your candidates to show their abilities with advanced answer entry methods.
For more detailed information on these functions, or any other questions you have about Surpass, existing Surpass Community members can contact your Account Manager. If you do not already have a contact at BTL, please use our contact form here to get in touch.

Recent innovations include:

Voice Capture:
Voice capture for speaking tests has been a popular feature used mainly by language testing organisations. With the latest release, this feature is available for all Surpass users and can be used in isolation, or as part of a group item, for capturing spoken content as part of a story.


The Diagram Creator Response:

By enabling the diagram creator option for essay responses, candidates are able to create flow charts and instruction sets to accompany their answers. The diagram creator can also be used with spreadsheet question types.


The Award Winning High Fidelity Image Viewer (Judges’ Award at the 2017 ATP Conference Innovation Lab):

The Surpass High Fidelity Image Viewer was initially designed to deliver the highest possible resolution image sets during medical examinations, however it will also help create better exam conditions for industries such as engineering, science, and vocational testing.
The viewer is easy to use by both candidates and authors, presenting multiple images in a realistic fashion during professional examinations. This combined with the robust security and test delivery options available in Surpass means internet stability is not a problem, even with large file sizes.

hand xray as seen in Surpass High Fidelity Image Viewer

See the ATP Innovation Lab Presentation for the Surpass High Fidelity Image Viewer.

The Spreadsheet Entry Response:

This question type allows authors to pre-populate spreadsheets with titles, figures and formulas, which the candidate can then continue to edit as part of their examination response.
spreadsheet close up v2