SecureMarker delivers the next level in efficient and accurate on-screen marking of large volume, high-stakes examination programmes. Examiners have a clear and intuitive working environment to mark candidate’s responses, whilst marking progress can be monitored with ease by managers or chief examiners. In addition to the excellent standard marking features already available in Surpass, with SecureMarker you will be able to:

  • Ensure even distribution of workloads with quota management.
  • Improve efficiency across large groups of assessors with item-based marking.
  • Easily manage workload and prioritise selected scripts for marking.
  • Automatically suspend marking of specific items or scripts immediately, at any point, either at the examiner level or across the board.
  • Maintain visibility with progress and marker performance reports.
  • Use benchmarking to compare individual markers and maintain consistency.
  • Moderate and re-mark responses according to standard working practice.
  • Configure the roles and workflow to match your organisation’s requirements.
Integrating seamlessly with your existing Surpass installation, chief examiners and other high level users can have granular-level control over all aspects of the assessment marking system. It also enables control over unique item values, and automated human marker management using quality control ‘flag’ (or ‘seed’) items.


Is your organisation ready to take advantage of an advanced on-screen marking solution?