Surpass provides many ways in which you can provide test content to learners as part of in-course learning and test preparation.

Downloadable tests– Surpass supports the downloading of tests to be distributed online via your own website.

LMS ready tests –Surpass supports the creation of SCORM test packages which can be uploaded to learning management systems such as Moodle.

OpenAssess –OpenAssess is a dedicated learning solution which can be used alongside Surpass, providing you with an online platform for supplying learning content and capturing learner performance.

 Packaged web
learning test
Packaged LMS
ready tests
Instant optional question feedback*
Instant optional test feedback*
Standard Surpass questions supported?
ContentProducer questions supported?
Fixed test form item selection
Embedded test within LMS as SCORM
On the fly (dynamic rules based) question selection from an Item bank
Learner progress reporting within Surpass
AvailabilityStandard feature
within Surpass
Standard feature
within Surpass
Additional Surpass

If you require further information on packaging learning content to support learners either within Surpass or via OpenAssess then please get in touch. You can find contact details and easy-to-use forms on our Contact page.

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*Instant feedback is only available for automarked options