As a trusted assessment provider, BTL are delighted to offer our professional range of test delivery services to selected partners.

We are able to provide scalable volume testing through multiple delivery channels at a range of physical test locations, or via real-time remote proctoring.

Test Delivery Services Features

Our flexible, customer-focused approach provides customers with a tailor-made range of solutions and services specific to their business needs.

Secure Remote Proctoring and Invigilation
Remote Proctoring is the observation of a candidate through audio and visual links over the internet whilst conducting their examination. All applications they access are monitored and the proctor or invigilator can stop the candidate to perform checks during the examination should malpractice be suspected. BTL are able to offer this service via a third party network integrating directly with the Surpass Assessment Platform. If you are interested in Remote Proctoring / Remote Invigilation then please contact BTL today.

We provide:

  • Access to a global Test Centre Network, with consistent high standards and quality.
  • Best of breed technology designed specifically for high-stakes secure assessment.
  • Access to a proactive, forward-thinking community, contributing and sharing in technology and service developments.
  • Responsive and caring services that ensure the candidate has the best possible experience.
BTL is trusted as a specialist supplier to professional assessment providers. We have a proven track record of supporting and delivering summative examinations across the world.