Chairman’s Message

Since 1985, BTL has been helping organisations to develop and deliver e-Assessment and e-Learning programmes by using our reliable, secure and innovative technologies.

What really sets us apart is our passion for how this technology benefits the education process and how it can be used to truly push the boundaries of assessment. With this in mind, we have created one of the most comprehensive sets of e-Assessment solutions on the market, which enables organisations to transform their assessment processes, from back office management, content creation, and quality control, right through to exam delivery. We also believe that this same technology can improve the rigour and quality of the candidate’s educational experience whilst also enhancing their learning.

We don’t just rely on our technology; our team is dedicated to Assessment technology and provide an invaluable resource to partner with our clients and ensure the success of their programmes.

Some of the world’s leading Awarding and Professional Bodies trust BTL systems to deliver their Assessment programmes.

Isn’t it time we worked with you?

Bobs Signature
Bob Gomersall, Chairman