Here at BTL…

We believe that technology can dramatically benefit the assessment process and that e-Assessment is not just for the development, delivery and marking of on-screen examinations; it is also used to benefit the whole examination process, in particular the creation and marking of paper-based exams, revolutionising back-office management, reporting and analysis.

We understand the difficulty in creating a successful examination series, including the pain of creating items, reviewing items, marking and the worry of security and quality of examinations.

We provide you with the technology to have a secure, efficient and quality driven exam development, delivery and marking process, allowing you to focus on providing an excellent service to your centres and students.

By using our assessment products and services, your organisation will be able to:
Create paper and on-screen examinations from one platform. Mark, review and analyse results and perform item analysis from one platform.
Quality control each stage of the exam creation and delivery process. Reduce the chance of question item and exam errors.
Easily create the most sophisticated on-screen exam questions. Reduce the time it takes to create an exam series, allowing your organisation to run on-demand exams.
Ease the pain of creating and reviewing question items or exams through editing rights. Standardise your exam creation process for all subject areas.
Gain the highest level of security for question items and examinations. Fully integrate with your existing back-office management systems.
Retain full in-house control of your exam process. Offer the widest range of exam delivery options to your centres and students.